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Data A&E - Follow the sequence below to remove your PC hard drive....Click here for Laptop instructions

Step 1
Ensure power is disconnected. Touch the side of the metal case to discharge any static. Remove external power and peripheral cables(mouse, keyboard, printer etc). Identify and remove case fixing screws(some cases do not have screws and may have a catch)

Data A and E data recovery computer case

Step 2
Identify the hard disk, it will have two connectors - data and power. Appearance may vary depending on whether it is an IDE drive or a SATA drive. Shown here is IDE drive. In either case remove both connectors.

Data A&E data recovery computer case

Step 3
Identify and remove the screws holding the hard drive in place. Slide the hard drive backwards out of its holding bay. Handle the hard drive by the sides - try not to touch the green circuit board on the underside.

Data A and E data recovery computer case